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Date: 22/07/02

We're back!
After what must have been's longest downtime ever, totalMac Annihilation is back!

Wxpect updates in a few days, including part 2 of the Complete Guide!

Date: 18/05/02

SWTA for Mac: WP beta 2
I've finished converting the next swta pack, get it from the swta page!

Date: 26/04/02

softMacUTATOR 0.8
Get softMacUTATOR 0.8 now from the utilities page!

More options, also compatable with MacUTATOR (not current MacUTATOR 5.3.3).

Date: 18/04/02

softMacUTATOR 0.7
Get softMacUTATOR 0.7 now from the utilities page!

Major Update!!!!!

No longer any need for the "Soft Change" folder, softMacUTATOR now changes the unit files from every single file, thus removing the need for a "Soft Change" folder, and allowing it to work with third party units!

Very special thanks to Jim of for letting me use parts of his HPI View source code in the creating of softMacUTATOR.

Date: 20/03/02

softMacUTATOR 0.5
Get softMacUTATOR 0.5 now from the utilities page!

Minor bug fixes, but the major news is a soft mutator created in built into the program. Much easier to create your sown soft mutations!

Date: 18/03/02

softMacUTATOR 0.4.1
Get softMacUTATOR 0.4.1 now from the utilities page!

I made three versions of softMacUTATOR in quick sucesion, here's the updates I did with each:

Fixed minor bug with exclusions.

[*GROUP*] tag supprt added! Yay!
Took a while but I got it! Eg, the No Air SM made by Drinken:

 { //Remove all seaplane plants
 { // by removing the copyright tag and setting the version to  4

 { //Remove all land based aircraft plants
 { // by removing the copyright tag and setting the version to  4

 { //Remove all aircraft
 { // by removing the copyright tag and setting the version to  4

Will disable the ability to build any air plants or air craft!
Still only supports the .fbi file in the "Soft Change" folder, am trying to get it to read from all the hpi packed files and then add support for other folder and files such as weapon file etc...

Altering is now done in the background. Also added process bar to indicate the time remaining.

Date: 15/03/02

softMacUTATOR 0.3!
Next update! Here's the low down!

Changed altering code, now faster at compiling.
Now accepts multiple "Single" soft mutations in one soft mutator, eg:


Will set the Arm Commanders Max Damage to 30000 and the Core Commanders Worker Time to 10000.

softMacUTATOR now edits files in the "UNITS" folder in the "SoftComp" folder (if there is a file there) instead of those in the "Soft Change" folder. So if you have CORCOM.fbi in both folders, it will edit that in the "UNITS" folder in the "SoftComp" folder. This alows for multiplie soft mutators to work now!

Also added support for relative changes, for example:


Will set every units Max Damage to three times it's original value. The relative functions are * for multiplication, / for division (rounded), + for addition and - for subtraction.

Get it now from the utilities page!


Date: 15/03/02

softMacUTATOR 0.2!
My second TA Utility ever comes in the form of softMacUTATOR. It's only in it's very early stage of development, but I hope it will progress.

One thing to mention is that this is not MacUTATOR. I'm hoping softMacUTATOR will work along side (or maybe get implemented into) MacUTATOR.

What is softMacUTATOR, I'm trying to emulate TA:M for PC's Soft Mutators, which MacUTATOR cannot do. At the moment, softMacUTATOR can only do baisic scripts such as:


But it also supports the [*ALL*] tag thing as well. n later versions Im hoping to add the ability to edit different folders and use if .. then like TA:M's soft mutators.

Get it now from the utilities page!

TAU appears to be down at the moment, so I'll have to upload it (and this news page ironiocally) tommorow!

Date: 12/03/02

MacUTATOR Version 5.3.3 Released!
MacUTATOR Version 5.3.3 has been released!
Here's the info from the Read Me:

  • MacUTATOR doesn't crash if you try to edit or remove without selecting a file first.
  • The control file editor allows you to change the extensions of files inside the control file.
  • You can edit the name of a control file from within MacUTATOR.
  • MacUTATOR doesn't allow you to edit nonexistent control files.
  • The screenshot window has resizing restrictions.
  • Fixed some setup bugs.
  • MacUTATOR displays control file text from control files created on a PC
Head over to to download the latest version (only 800 kb this time).

Date: 11/03/02
Complete Guide Part 1: Bugs
Although the link has been on the menu for a while, I hadn't actually finished the page. But I've done it now, with the first part of the Complete Guide: Bugs. So go and check it out !

Date: 25/02/02
SWTA: Walker Pack
The SWTA walkerpack has been released! Get the Mac version from the swta page!

Date: 02/02/02
TA: Final Frontier, finally!
Version 6 of TA:FF is up! Check it out here!
Thanks to MaDD MaTT for giving me the file.

Date: 28/12/01
Down Time
As you may or may not have noticed, totalMac Annihilation has been down for w few days, showing only an older version of the page. This problem is fixed now, thanks to Screamer.

Date: 17/12/01
TA Option Editor 1.5
I've just finished TA Option Editor 1.5! This version includes eroor handling (finally) and checks for Resource ID's before it puts them in!
I also added a change all feature into the advanved player option, allowing for easy changing of all the teams.
Head over to the utilities page and download it!

Date: 14/12/01
TA Option Editor 1.11
More and more option now. Including the ability to set the Skirmish starting metal and energy to as high as 268435456! It now recalls the data from the prefferences file so you don't have to put them back everytime you start up the program.
Head over to the utilities page and download the beta!

Date: 14/12/01
TA Option Editor 1.01
I've added some more options to the options editor, putting it's version up to 1.0, it's still a beta version though.

Date: 12/12/01
TA Option Editor 0.91
Yes, my very first TA Utility changes the preferences file for TA to do some things you can't do in the game! It was inspired by the "Set TA Options" command in MacUTATOR, but will have alot more features.
It's only version a beta version though, so expect more bugfixes/updates. It does about 50% of what I want it to do at the moment.
Head over to the utilities page to download it!

Date: 10/12/01
New version of MacUTATOR is out!
If you havn't already seen the news on the TAU main news page, MacUTATOR version 5.2.1 is now out! The new addons are:
  • Displaying AI and Conversion control files is faster.
  • MacUTATOR can add or remove files from control files without requiring the use of a text editor.
  • MacUTATOR no longer disables everything if a file set didn't load correctly.
  • Setup doesn't crash if there are files that don't end in .ufo in the Internet Maps & units folder.
  • Setup moves the Battle Tactics files to their correct locations.
  • Control files are created by dragging files into a list of files instead of moving them to a special folder.
  • Add On Manager is built into MacUTATOR.
  • Conversion and AI files can be locked to prevent them from being disabled with MacUTATOR's remove command.
  • More than one mutator can be selected at a time.
Head over to to download the latest version!

Date: 01/12/01
Not much to report really. My computer went crap on me the other day so I couldn't update.
I'll put up some more TC's soon. :)

Date: 21/11/01
More stuff.
Put up some more mutators and utilities!

Date: 17/11/01
We're back!
Well after 11 whole days of suffering, TA Universe is back up! They had some server problems but we're moving to a new server so this shouldn't happen again!

Date: 06/11/01
Maps! Maps! Maps!
Can't find any maps for the Mac verison of TA? Never fear, totalMac Annihilation is here! Check out my section on where to find maps here.

Date: 05/11/01
New Home!
We've completed the move to! The new link is: Don't forget to sign up at the TAU Forums!

Date: 01/11/01
We're Moving!
That's right! Those nice people over at TA Universe (the best Total Annihilation site on the 'net) are going to be hosting this site!
Watch this space for info, but in about 24 hours we'll be part of the largest TA Community on the 'net!

Date: 30/10/01
Added the first Mutator: Windy Tree's
This mod made by C_A_P makes all the tree's in green worlds look like a small breeze is blowing through them, looks very nice!
Also, a French version of this site may be made by Bertrand Chatain! Expect more updates soon!

Date: 21/10/01
Added Star Wars TA for Mac.
Converting TA: Final Frontier 6.1 to mac version, expect it soon!

Date: 17/10/01
Welcome to totalMac Annihilation! I only have a few AI's and utilities up, but expect more in a few days!

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