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These Utilities will help you do more with TA.

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MacUTATOR MacUTATOR is a Macintosh file manager for TA. It allows for easy switching of conversions that include multiple files, maps and units, and the ability to use mutators on the mac for the first time. This is the most essential TA utility ever. You have to get it. Get the latest version from
SoftUTATOR 1.5

What is softMacUTATOR, I'm trying to emulate TA:M for PC's Soft Mutators, which MacUTATOR cannot do.

Handles nearly all soft mutators quite well, only edits units and weapons so far.

Get Me Now!! SoftUTATOR_v1_5.sit
TA Option Editor

TA Option Editor lets you change around many options that TA itself won't let you change, without the use of ResEdit!

I made this! TAEditor.sit
ported to the Macintosh by Bruce Payan
These two utilities will Pack and UnPack HPI files. Including .ccx and .ufo files. If you intend on making a TA unit on mac, then these files are absolutely neccesary. HPIPack.sit
Weapon Builder,
Weapon Splitter
Unit Lister

TA Weapon Builder allows you to create weapon .tdf files without having to use a text editor.

Weapon Splitter splits weapon .tdf files that contain multiple entries into seperate files for each entry. It can also reorganize packed files so that their weapon files can be more easily changed with mutators.

This program lists the filename, name, and description of every unit file in a folder. (Note: Unit Lister needs unpacked files. It can not read unit information out of a packed TA file.)

I like the Weapon Builder. I don't use the others that much, but they could come in handy.

Get the latest versions from (near the bottom of the page)

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