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Dedicated to Total Annihilation for Mac - Where to get Maps

Where do you find Mac compatable maps?
Well, the wonderful thing about the Mac version of TA is that nearly all the PC files (.ufo, .ccx, etc...) are compatable with it.

The best place for maps is, by far, TAMEC (Total Annihilation Map Evaluation Center), they have the best selection of maps anywhere on the internet!

The only problem with TAMEC is that a few maps may be compressed as a Self-Extracting PC file (.exe) that cannot be run on a mac (unless you have Virtual PC).

That's where MacGamer comes in, they have an extensive TA map section, with a Map of The Week and an Archive of all the other MOTW, all compressed in Mac-Compatable Stuffit archives!

Check out their TA Map section now!

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