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Dedicated to Total Annihilation for Mac - Cheating AI's

These AI's need MacUTATOR to work. Get it from the utilities page.

Name File Info My Comments Download
Alpha AI The Alpha AI is designed only for the toughest players who want to play an uncontrollable AI. This AI will build quickly and will attack early and hard. It will also nuke at will. If you can beat this AI in fair circumstances, you're one of the few.
- M. Kenyon aka Brother Alpha
none alphaai.sit
BAI v4 BAI was an attempt to create an AI mod that could make up for some of the engine's shortcomings. It gives the AI the advantages of:
  1. less expensive construction units
  2. factories
  3. enhanced resource units
  4. improved profiles.
BAI can be *very* difficult on land maps. Try the Easy setting first, because Hard was designed to be a challenge for more than one player!
none bai.sit
Black Storm AI This is the Black Storm AI for Total Annihilation 3.1, It is the ONLY ai that is truly harder than the Blood-Thirsty ai!!!!! Its record for nuking is around 15 muntes! I must give credit to the maker of the Blood Thirsty AI becuase it is actually like a BAI v.5 I have updated all of the units and everything, but I am still using the same base files........ this is by far the hardest AI out to date! Good luck, you'll need it!
- Jeff Adkins
none blackstorm.sit

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