totalMac Annihilation
Dedicated to Total Annihilation for Mac - 3.1.2b6 patch

This is the latest TA patch for Macintosh. It fixes many bugs and adds support for gameranger.

Changes in 3.1.2b6:

  • GameRanger 2.1 support added.
  • DrawSprocket support is now more robust.
  • Mission load times have been decreased.
  • Some minor code optimizations have been added.
  • Out of memory alerts have been added.
  • Networking code has been tweaked.
  • Fixed numerous problems with music not working under MacOS 9 and later.
  • Fixed a problem with the music repeat system.
  • Music CDs may now be swapped in via "CMD-E" during missions (see below).
  • Fixed dialog palette problems and most of the white screen flashes under MacOS 9.1.
  • Transparent scoring overlay bug in Skirmish and Multiplayer modes corrected.
  • Minor cosmetic changes to some alerts and dialogs have been made.
  • Software now requires 20 MB of free hard disk space at startup for save games.
  • 6 downloadable units from have been added.
  • As an unsupported feature, MaxUnits may be increased up to 1000 for Skirmish and Multiplayer games. Do this by holding down "CMD" while launching the game.

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