totalMac Annihilation
Dedicated to Total Annihilation for Mac - Graphical Mutators

These mutators only change the interface or look of the game, not the gameplay. As always, they need MacUTATOR to work!

Name File Info My Comments Download
Windy Trees The windy tree addon pack will effectively replace the same-ol boring trees you've grown accustomed to in Total Annihilation over the years with brand spanking new versions which animate as if they are being blown by the wind.
- C_A_P
This Mutator adds movement and makes the Green maps less static, very nicely done. Can't wait until animated water and lava! Windy.sit
Red and Green Cursors This package contains two mutators. These mutators change the color of the regular blue arrow cursor to red or green. none RGCursors.sit

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