totalMac Annihilation
Dedicated to Total Annihilation for Mac - Gameplay Mutators

These mutators change an aspect of the gameplay. Most, if not all, of these will not work over an internet game. As always, they need MacUTATOR to work!
Name File Info My Comments Download
Annihilator Flea Gives the flea scout kbot the annhilator cannon.
none AnniFlea.sit
Cloakable Infantry Allows you to cloak the arm and core infantry kbots.
none CloakInf.sit
Commander Explosion Pack This package contains three mutators that change the size of the commander explosion.
none CommBoom.sit
Super Commander Laser Gives the commanders a laser that fires a spread of shots in a circle pattern around the commander.
none SCLaserOTA.sit
Targeting Commanders Gives the commanders the same ability as the targeting facility.
none TargetComm.sit

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